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  1. To all at Messiah Christian Church I love you. Thank you with all of my heart I say thank you. You don’t know me but some weeks ago in desperation I found you on my phone during my lunch break and after reading about you I brough my wife who had just been diagnosed with Triple Negative, Stage 4 Breast Cancer that had spread throughout her body. I love God, I love Jesus His Son, I love His Holy Spirit and I love all of you too. God has performed many miracles for me in my life and I love and praise Him for them. On this past Wednesday, and at our request my wife had her body scanned at St. Francis Hospital in Chesterfield County and she is almost 100% free of the evil we call cancer. I havent the word’s that can express what is in my heart for you and God. I love you. Thank you. Praise God for He is who He says He is. He is God. He is Great. And He loves us. All of us. There are still 3 spots on Kathy’s liver but they have shrunk and are in retreat. Thier surrender will not be accepted. Not until they are all 100% removed from her body cast back into the abyss.Thank you my friends. Thank you.. I love you and we will return to see you soon. The Lord Jesus saved me many years ago and now, tonight, because of all of you, I have my heart back. Bless you all for your help. God bless you all. Ken Oristaglio, Crewr, Virginia.

    • What a beautiful letter! I am so glad for you and your family for your victory in Jesus!
      It encourages me & others as well who read it.

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