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Pastor John Freel: “What Does It Mean To Follow Jesus?” 2021-21-24


Pastor John Freel: “2021 Tool Box”
   Part One    2021-1-24
   Part Two   2021-2-7


Pastor John Freel: “So How Is Your Hope?” 2021-1-3


Pastor John Freel: “So A New Year Is Just Around The Corner” 12-27-2020”


Pastor John Freel: “We Have Seen His Star” 12-20-2020


Pastor John Freel: “Peter’s Faith Lessons In A Dangerous Time” 12-6-2020


“Righteousness And Living From the Inside Out”

Part One: “Are You Living For Jesus Inside Out?” 2-9-2020
Part Two: “How The Righteousness Of God Operates In Us To Our Joy And Benefit” 2-15-2020
Part Three: “Further Thoughts On Righteousness That Make A Difference In Our Lives” 2-23-2020
Part Four: “Additional Thoughts On Righteousness That Make A Difference In Our Lives” 3-1-2020
Part Five: “The Fruit Of Righteousness In The Future” 3-8-2020


Pastor John Freel – “Increasing Your Blessings” 2-2-2020


Pastor John Freel – “Wait For It” 1-25-2020


Pastor John Freel “Is Your Faith Working?” 1-19-2020


Noval Smith “A Living Sacrifice” 1-12-2020


Pastor John Freel “What Jesus Has Prayed for Us…
(And What God Is In The Process Of Answering Right Now!)” 1-5-2020


Pastor John Freel “Living Your Greatest Decade” 12-29-2019


Dr. Mark Virkler 11-24-2019


Pastor John Freel: “When Things Don’t Go As Planned: Surviving And Thriving In The Day Of Trouble” 12-8-2019


Pastor John Freel: “Another Pre-Christmas Christmas Message: When Gabriel Spoke With Mary” 12-1-2019


Pastor John Freel: “Thanksgiving 2019” 11-17-2019


Pastor John Freel: “One Night In Waffle House” 11-10-2019


Pastor John Freel: “The Prayer You Don’t Pray Anymore” 11-3-2019


Pastor John Freel: “The Secret Power Of Honor” 10-27-2019


Pastor John Freel: “Lessons On The Growth Road”

“Being Fruitful” 8-18-2019
“Adding The Super 7 – #1” 8-25-2019
“Adding The Super 7 – #2” 9-1-2019

“Adding The Super 7 – #3” 9-8-2019

“Adding The Super 7 – #4” 9-22-2019

“Adding The Super 7 – #5” 9-29-2019

“Adding The Super 7 – #6” 10-13-2019

“Adding The Super 7 – #7” 10-20-2019


Noval Smith “The Pursuit Of Shalom” 7-28-2019


Part One 7-7-2019
Part Two 7-14-2019
Part Three 7-21-2019



Pastor John Freel “George Washington: Your Brother In Christ” 06-30-2019


Pastor John Freel “What’s On God’s Mind?” 06-23-2019


Pastor John Freel “Father’s Day 2019” 06-16-2019


Pastor John Freel: “On The Good Ship Friendship” 06-9-2019


Pastor John Freel: “So You’re Angry?” 06-2-2019


Pastor John Freel: “Memorial Day 2019: Seeing Beyond The Flags” 05-26-2019


Noval Smith: “Who We Are And Why We Grieve” 5-19-2019


Pastor John Freel: “Mother’s Day 2019” 5-12-2019


Michael Kurland: “The Power Of The Blood And The Atonement” 5-5-2019


Pastor John Freel: “Dumbbells And Chocolate Cake – Part One” 4-28-2019


Pastor John Freel: “Resurrection Sunday 2019” 4-21-2019


Pastor John Freel: “They Are Watching You!” 4-7-2019


Pastor John Freel: “Things To Do When You’re Praying” 3-31-2019


Pastor John Freel: “So Are You Stressed Out?” 3-24-2019


Pastor John Freel: “Avoiding Spiritual Disqualification” 3-17-2019